BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore is a one-stop
destination beauty clinic in Singapore from the BK Medical Group.
Headquarters of BK Medical Group and BK Plastic Surgery is
located in Seoul, South Korea.
BK stands for "Beauty Korea" and symbolizes the vision and
pinnacle of the Asian Beauty. Patients in the region are
increasingly cosmopolitan and demand innovative healthcare
that is customized to their personal needs. BK Plastic Surgery
Hospital has 20 years of success transforming and improving
the appearances of its patients from around the world and
BK Medical Group is in the centre of this global cosmetic movement.

beauty korea 성형한류

Beauty & Medical Services for
International Patients
BK Aesthetic Clinic is a one-stop destination for
high-quality evidence-based aesthetic beauty.
We provide a comprehensive range of services,
treatment and skin care with a deep heritage
from the Land of the Morning Calm.
Global Networking System for
Patients and Doctors
BK Aesthetic Clinic opened its Singapore branch
of the BK Medical Group in 2014 and has implemented
BK headquarters’ strong networking system. BK Plastic
Surgery Hospital in Korea is renowned in the region
for providing excellent customer-focused aesthetic
surgery and medical care for the past 20 years.
Client-Centered Service
We consider clients as our priority.
You can receive consultations at your convenience
before procedures through various consulting
methods, and post operative care will also be
given after procedures. All cares provided are
customized to maximize your comfort.
Trustworthy Partnership in Medical
Utilizing high-tech Korean medical equipment
certified through various agencies such as the
USFDA, KFDA, European CE organization, HSA
and MOH, BK Aesthetic Clinic provides our
patients with confidence that the treatments
are cutting edge and effective, yet very safe.

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