- Blue light for ACNE Sterilization and AK treatment
- Green light for skin tightening and skin toning
- Yellow light for redness after operation and blue black spot after bruising
- Red light for soothing after laser treatment and regeneration after laser.
- IR light for anti-inflammation & scar treatment
Features of botox
All skin types After laser and MTS procedure therapy
For healing and skin regeneration For people with acne
Features of botox
Avoid wearing make up for at least 6 hours Avoid direct heat (sauna, hot bath, hot shower) for 24 hours.
Do not undertake any other facial treatment within 48 hours Do not apply any exfoliating products for 72 hours after treatment.
Avoid the sun for at least 3 days Be diligent in removing all traces of make up for the next 7 days

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